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Chinese Menu

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seafoodsoup 800
chicken sweet corn soup 800
chicken hot and sour soup 600
Prawns with Chili sauce-Served with vegetable fried Rice or white Rice 2,800
Prawns with sweet and sour sauce serve with egg fried Rice or vegetable fried Rice 2,500
FishWith Oyster Sauce Served with white rice or Chinese fried Rice 2,500
Fish with Curry sauce Served with vegetable fried Rice or white Rice 2,500
Chicken with chili sauce Served with white Rice or egg fried Rice 2,400
Chicken green pepper -Served with Chinese vegetable fried rice or white rice. 2,400
Beef with Oyster sauce -Served with vegetable fried rice or egg fried rice 2,300
Beef with chili and garlic sauce – Served with white rice or fried rice 2,300
Vegetable Noodles 1,200
Beef Vegetable Noodles 1,300
Shrimps Vegetable Noodles 1,400
Chicken Vegetable Fried Noodles 1,400
Mixed Vegetables 1,200
Chinese Special Fried Rice 1,000