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Sigma Apartment is equipped with highly sophisticated fire and alarm systems; that can provide the most efficient protection in the event of fire, detectors have been installed in all guest apartments, corridors and public areas.

The fire alarm will be tested regularly. our duty manager team will notify you in advance. please respond to all other alarms

It is important that you familiarize yourself with these procedures in order to be prepared in the unlikely event of emergency of fire Locate the fire alarm and fire hose on your floor, Count the number of doorways between your room and the emergency exit (you may use in case of fire Fire exit maps are located on the back of the door. go through it carefully In case of fire in any area of the apartment, you are requested to keep calm, do not panic, and notify the guest service. Locate the nearest exits outside your room Red fire hoses are placed in every corridor covered with a special big box indicating the fire sign


  • Do not smoke in bed
  • Make sure all smoking materials are turned off before leaving the room
  • In case of fire in your room, close the door to prevent fire from spreading.
  • Always keep your room key with you, you may need it to go back to your room
  • If you discover a fire inside the corridor, crawl along side the wall till reaching an emergency door   In case of fire, dial our emergency number ext. 0 at your nearest phone
  • If your exit is blocked or unsafe, we suggest you go back to your room   If you smell smoke while you are inside your room, turn off the air-conditioning and call the guest services. For assistance call Ext. 0
  • If your room door is hot, stay in your room, stuff wet towels and sheets around the door frame, then fill your bathtub with cold water and use the waste basket in case you need to carry water. if smoke is still coming in, cover yourself with a wet blanket till the firemen arrive.